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Camp Pendleton
Personal & Professional Development
Hiring Event

Wednesday, June 21 - 1100 - 1900 PDT (11:00 am - 7:00 pm)

Camp Pendleton, 

Leatherneck Lanes Bldg.

1339 13030 Vandegrift Boulevard

Oceanside, CA 92058

Transition to a Career in Energy:

The energy industry believes that veterans in every line of work have many traits that are needed and translate well into a second career in energy. The industry is looking for motivated, coachable, and reliable candidates who work well in teams to overcome obstacles.

Veterans working in the industry ensure the delivery of safe, reliable power to American homes and businesses and protect national security while working to deliver a product that fuels our lives and powers our economy. Veterans in Energy represents over 95% of the electric and gas utilities across the country and an additional 20 major contractors working in many states.

The energy industry is full of opportunity! We need outdoor enthusiasts, doers, gadgeteers, creators, fixers, scientists, environmentalists, and those who bring a host of other talents to America’s energy sector. There’s an especially high demand for line workers, utility technicians, gas technicians, engineers, welders, drivers, contractors, and many other key positions.

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